The Best Places to Advertise your Locksmith Business


When deciding how to allocate your advertising budget, it is important to carefully consider which adverts are likely to provide the best returns. With the internet becoming many people’s favourite method of researching local services, many traditional forms of trade advertising are in danger of becoming obsolete. But how can you compete with your rivals without spending all of your budget on SEO?

Locksmith Advertising

This is where your expensive Yellow Pages advert ends up!

Paper directories such as the Yellow Pages and Thompsons are finding it difficult to compete with internet search engines like Yell and Google. The size of these books has shrunk significantly, and many people do not even keep a copy in their homes any more as they can find information quickly and easily on their computers, tablets and mobile phones. However, there are a few publications that may prove worthwhile.

Local papers can be the ideal platform for an ad, as they highlight the fact that you are a local business, not a national company. These ads are usually charged by the word, meaning that the cost is flexible. A simple ad should cost less than £10, and more expensive options could include photos, colours and borders to make them stand out.

Local trade magazines are also a good idea, and can also prove a cheap alternative to the larger publications. These magazines are popular with clients like Coventry Locksmiths and, due to their small size and local relevance, are likely to be kept by the public. These magazines usually offer a choice of quarter, half and full page ads, and will allow you to provide artwork of your choice.